A mix of art and science.

There is an art to what we do; but strategy also lies at the heart of our creative output.

And while every project that comes across our desks is a new creative challenge, our strategy always starts from the same place.

Collect. Develop. Market.

It’s the variables in-between these points – those distinctive elements that make your story unique – that fuel our creativity and help us produce excellent results.

Variables like, “who is your ideal customer?” “What do they want?” “What motivates them to choose you over another?” “What type of message appeals to them?” “How can you reach them?” Those variables all feed through our model…

Collect. Develop. Market.


A branding project cannot be successful if there is no attempt made to see things from the point of view of the intended audience. The best way to get that perspective is research.

When we collect, we’re collecting information.

Information that will underpin your brand. Information that tells us about the advantages and challenges we will face. Information that we use to develop insights about the people that you need to reach – your target market.

That’s why we collect information far and wide – from existing sources and by conducting our own research. And when we’re done, we’ve got the insights we need to ensure your messaging hits the target head on.


When we’ve got the research, we can start drawing up the plan.

Strategic planning underpins the second phase of the CDM Branding process. This means we get to work formulating budgets and metrics. We articulate your brand’s essence and highlight its key attributes. We draw on our creative design and copywriting skills to construct a robust brand identity.

In short, we develop the marketing mix.

Leaning on consumer insights, we also develop communication strategies that are tailored to suit your specific requirements. We recognise that different value propositions and organisations require different approaches to messaging. This is the stage where we work to make sure that we have the messaging and the mediums right.


Once we have that foundational research and we’ve used it to construct a brand, it’s time for phase three.

Taking it to market.

Utilising our experience with social, online and print mediums, we bring your brand to your audience. From e-newsletters to social media platforms, direct mail pieces to websites, we select the tools that are the right fit for your aims. All the time, we’re using those tools to build you an online database of believers, prospects or converts.

For a long-term campaign, the market phase is an ongoing process and also takes us back to our collection stage – building on new research and content development. There’s an art to CDM Branding’s science!

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